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April Newsletter

Remember in the movie the Matrix when Neo moves side to side, backwards, and every which way to dodge those bullets? I am Neo... dodging Covid.

But since this is real life and I am not in the Matrix I have received my vaccination

Yay! Well I have received part 1 and part 2 is next week. Two days I felt as if someone protruded the their middle knuckle whilst punching me in my left arm.

Wow! You just don't get it until you experience it.

Today, I left work early today to retrieve my significant other Andy at work, who had his part 2 shot and is feeling the repercussions of side effects. Chills, headache, scratchy throat, heavy eyes and fatigue. I get it..we've been through the ringer for the last 12 months.

So, as he sleeps I decided to write the April Newsletter to all of my lovely clients with a few specials to show my gratitude for your vaccinations and empathy to the anxiety that Covid had ridden us with.

April Specials

Free Brow Wax – Bring in your completed Vaccination Card and present it to my brilliant and lovely receptionist Haley. Ideally, you should get other treatments as well to make that trip worthwhile.

I commend you in your quest to get our world back to normal and stay protected as well. Thank you!

New Service!!

Meditation Facial $150

One of the factors that the pandemic has graced us with is anxiety and stress. You may not know this, I have and still on occasions have experienced this symptoms and have found a way to manage.

I found this Meditation facial method quite by accident during a facial and my two clients were transformed.

You will be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged, masked, moisturized, and experience the gentle, relaxing voice of a guided meditation session to ease your stress and anxiety.

Retail Shopping Therapy

I found this lady who has a farm in Indiana with goats that she milks and turns their milk to rich whipped body butter. Ohhhhh!

Tipsy Goat Whipped Body Butters & Foaming Body Scrubs in new scents – Blackberry Ambrosia, Sand & Surf and Olive Tree.

Prepare for Mother's Day

Stumped for a gift...Purchase a Gift Certificate! It's really easy to buy and either print it out and wrap it or simply email it to them. 

Microbial issues are popping up Many of us are reusing our masks without washing them or using disposable several times.

Time for Facials – I recommend Pumpkin & Signature Facials for alleviating breakouts.

Scheduling has never been easier. Download on your smartphone Schedulicity App or click here to schedule online.


Melissa & Haley

Spa Botanicals Day Spa

P.S. If you have any friends, family members, or co-workers who you know would love this type of spa care TLC please feel free to forward this email. We love & appreciate your referrals.

P.S.S. Please remember to stay home if you're sick, if you have covid please reschedule after your negative results or have waited 2 weeks after any symptoms. Wear those masks and wash those hands.  

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