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Experience Exceptional Beauty.

Signature Custom Spa Facial, 100.

This customized facial is made up of Sorella Apothecary's botanically based, skin care line that balances the best of both science and nature. Massage on shoulders, neck, and hands s are treated as we target your skin’s needs to formulate any type of treatment like no other system can, achieving beautifying results for Anti- Aging, Sensitive, Brightening and Oily/ Breakout.

60 minutes

Purifying Pumpkin Peel, 80

(Most Popular Facial!)

Deep-penetrating enzymes paired with a prescription strength 30% fruit acid that dissolves dead cells that clutter the skin’s surface. Enzymes actively stimulate cellular regeneration, keeping skin looking healthy, toned, and brighter after just one treatment.

45 minutes

Dermaplaning, 89.

Dermaplaning is a highly effective exfoliation method which leaves the skin immediately & dramatically smoother in texture, look, & feel.  It removes multiple layers of dead skin & vellus hair from from the face, which allows products to penetrate more quickly into the skin to deliver the desired benefits at higher concentration. 

Dermaplaning is great to do prior to a Sorella Exfoliate and Heal Peel.  45 min.

It is also great as a standalone treatment, and will help to instantly improve the complexion and texture of skin. 45 min.

Gua Sha Facial, 120.

Rose Quartz or Jade Stones have an amazing ability to reduce inflammation & support the renewal of skin cells, plus they heal & rejuvenate the skin’s surface. By improving the heart and overall circulation, the stones bringing oxygen to skin’s surface to improve tone, luster & glow. The stones natural cold touch calms inflammations and cools the skin’s overall temperature

Melt into relaxation with this luxe warming facial. The detoxifying massage using Rose Quartz  or Jade Stones for lymphatic drainage and pressure points leaves your skin illuminated and refreshed.

60 minutes

Marine Mermaid Facial, 90

An in-spa specialty mask that soothes & cools skin, this luxe cooling mask lowers the skin's temperature, thus increasing the absorption of active ingredients used in any facial. The mask can be applied over eyes and lips reaching areas other products fail to touch. No rinsing, simply loosen the edges of the mask and lift off in one piece! Skin will be left soft, supple and refreshed.

Great for all skin types including sensitive, dry, breakout prone, uneven tone, rosacea and compromised skin barriers.


Provides lasting hydration, firming, cooling and toning affects. An anti-inflammatory mask that reduces pore size leaving skin feeling soft & supple.


Algae - Firms & smooths skin.

Organic Aloe Vera - it soothes, heals & hydrates skin & contains anti-inflammatory properties

Blue – Green Algae -A potent powerhouse of antioxidants to repair & fight against free radical damage.

60 minutes

Microdermabrasion, 96

This skin resurfacing procedure uses a diamond tip wand to peel and polish dead skin cells. It leaves your skin softer, smoother, and fresher-looking. This gentle abrasive technique efficiently produces results in as little as 30 minutes. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles and reduce age spots and uneven pigmentation.

60 minutes

TAMA Blue Onyx Micro Current, 175

 TAMA the next generation of facials. Technology that activates the body’s natural electrical & magnetic currents to detox, lift, tone, infuse skin tissues. Anti-aging treatment tones your facial muscles, repairs and balances your skin, reduces lines and wrinkles, improves skin discoloration, heals acne, and sculpts your face. TAMA Microcurrent system that delivers a specific electromagnetic field to rebalance cellular activity in a manner that is natural to the body. 

60 minutes

It also gives you the following benefits:

Lifts Frown Lines

Revitalizes the Skin

Treats Sun Damage

Improves Pigmentation

Stimulates ATP Production

Custom Packages Available

 TAMA Microcurrent Plus Microdermabrasion, 250

(the game changer)

Upgrade your Microcurrent treatment by adding on the polishing exfoliation of Microdermabrasion. This treatment smoothes wrinkles and reduces age spots and hyper pigmentation. You will leave the spa looking noticeably toned and smooth.

70 minutes

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