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Corrective Skin Peels

Exfoliate & Heal Chemical Peel with Marine Mermaid Mask, 90.

Exfoliates & promotes healthy cell renewal making the skin appear radiant & more youthful. Wrinkle depth & fine lines appear reduced, complexion is more even, texture is soft & noticeably smoother and lightens hyperpigmentation.

This peel can be applied 1-4 layers on the face & 1-2 layers on the neck/chest, followed by a Marine Mermaid mask to cool and soothe. We advise clients to schedule a peel series, with each peel spaced two weeks apart.

Lactic Acid 14% • Salicylic Acid 14% • Kojic Acid 3% • Hydroquinone 2% • Citric Acid • Aloe.